I didn't realized that PHP had been going so fast that it was creating 
problems for compatiblility. 

Here is my situation: PHP on my development server is 4.0.6 while
on the application server it is PHP 4.2.2. I bet you all know that there's 
a huge basic differences between the two but I don't know them!
In PHP 4.2.2, variables passed by either GET or POST method can
not be accessed straitforwardly by their name, you have to fetch them
from $HTTP_POST_VARS or $HTTP_GET_VARS. To my understanding,
directly using submitted variables by their name is one of the basic great 
PHP features, and I always use vars in this way. However, you can 
imagine that, recently due to the PHP upgrading I got bunch of problems
when deploying.

What I want to know are:
1. why PHP changed the way to access submitted vars;
2. any good suggestion to avoid this problem, such as that is it possible 
to configure 4.2.2 to compatible downward.


Alex Shi

BTW: my development server is RH Linux 7.1 so cannot upgrade PHP
to 4.2.2.

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