$attachdata[$x] = imap_base64($attachment);
on that part sometimes the attachdata get empty so i did a IF but at that
point i'm stuck. If i output it raw it will simply not work. Please help !

Here the code :

if ($AsAttach == "Y")
for ($x=0;$x<sizeof($attachments);$x++)
$pid[$x] = $attachments[$x]["pid"];
$type[$x] = $attachments[$x]["type"];
echo "<br> PID : $pid[$x] <br> Type : $type[$x] <br>";
$attachment = quoted_printable_decode(imap_fetchbody($maillink, $z,
$attach[$x] = $attachments[$x]["name"];
echo "Attach name : $attach[$x]";
$encoding[$x] = $sections[$x]["encoding"];
$attachdata[$x] = quoted_printable_decode($attachment);
$attachdata[$x] = imap_base64($attachment);
if ($attachdata[$x] == "")
$attachdata[$x] =$attachment;
echo "<br>I'm in here !!!<br>";
echo "<br>I didnt came in here !!!<br>";
echo "<br>";

Btw the encoding are :

7bits, Base64 and quoted-printable

Quoted-printable output correctly with the raw

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