I am having problems with arrays. I guess I just don't understand them all
that well.
I have an simple array of stock tickers. Then for each ticker I go to Yahoo
to get their current price and try to push the Name of the ticker and it's
value into an associative array(I think). Then I want to sort the array so
the the values are in order from highest to lowest, so I can see the highest
amount as the first position and the lowest as the last position.

Here is my problem; for debuggin purposes I do a print_r(array_values());
and I get the following for output.
    [0] => 7.28
    [1] => 5.20
    [2] => 1.969
    [3] => 59.63
    [4] => 4.43

I am not sure why I am getting this. I guess I expected the numerical
positions to be the keys something like:
    [ikn] => 7.28
    [xrx] => 5.20
    [danky] => 1.969
    [ibm] => 59.63
    [rhat] => 4.43

Since I am not getting the results I expected I am not sure if the rest is
working correctly because I do not know how to access the first position in
the array, or the last. When I get this working, I will be adding 200
tickers and I would like to get the first 5 and the last 5, expecting them
to be the highest 5 and the lowest 5 respectively. I hope someone will take
the time to halp me.

Thank you in advance.

Here is the code I am working on:

$Tickers = array("ikn", "xrx", "danky", "ibm", "rhat");
$TickersCurrent = array();

 foreach($Tickers as $Ticker) {
   $LookupUrl =
   $Current = implode('', file("$LookupUrl"));
   $Current = rtrim($Current);

// Done for debuggin only
   print "<pre>\n";
   print "</pre>\n";

   asort ($TickersCurrent);
   reset ($TickersCurrent);

   echo "CTC Indice = " . array_sum($TickersCurrent) . "<br>\n";

   echo "The highest Stock is $TickersCurrent[0]";

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