Thursday, October 3, 2002, 6:01:53 PM, you wrote:
O> You know...maybe I should mention where this code is...

O> I have my main file which loads using 'require.once' a second file called
O> 'everything.php'.

O> Inside everything.php is a class called 'mainclass' which is called by the
O> mail file.

O> This class ('mainclass') loads the MySQL class from the previous post which
O> is stored in yet another file, using require.once.

O> MainClass then calls the MySQL->CONNECT and MySQL->CHOOSEDB functions.

O> I know this sounds a bit over the top, but it works...at least it
O> did...until now. I thought I'd mention the circumstances in case that makes
O> a difference, which I suspect it will.

O> Thanks again!

O> Lewis

O> "Orangehairedboy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>> Hi everyone! I can't figure out why this doesn't work. The call to the
>> CONNECT function works and it connects with no problem, and it does save
O> the
>> Resource ID in $this->DBLink[]...however, when CHOOSEDB is called, the
>> Resource ID just saved is gone. $this->DBLink is just empty, and I can't
>> figure out why...
>> Can anyone offer insight on this one?
>> class MySQL
>>  {
>>  var $DBLink = array();
>>  function CONNECT ( $MyVars , $MyContents )
>>   {
>>   $host = ( $MyVars[PORT] ) ? $MyVars[HOST] . ":" . $MyVars[PORT] :
>> $MyVars[HOST];
>>   $this->DBLink[$MyVars[NAME]] = mysql_connect( $MyVars[HOST] ,
>> $MyVars[USERNAME] , $MyVars[PASSWORD] );
>>   }
>>  function CHOOSEDB ( $MyVars , $MyContents )
>>   {
>>   mysql_select_db( $MyVars[DATABASE] , $this->DBLink[$MyVars[LINK]] );
>>   }
>>  }
>> Thanks!
>> Lewis

Looks like you change the name of the index from NAME to LINK
and it should be  $this->DBLink[$MyVars['LINK']]


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