It is a Flash site that uses PHP for dynamically updating text in some text
If I can direct you to the Stallions menu---pick a horse.
A page should load that has a picture of a horse on the left hand side and a
green box on the right.  The box on the right is dynamic text field.  There
should already be text inside of it.

I see it.  My 4 other PCs see it.  About 5 people on this list  can see it.
A dozen of my friends can see it. The guy at tech support for where this is
being hosted can see it.  My client can't see it on his PC running IE5, but
can see it on his Mac.  His girlfriend can't see it, but one of his friends

We had a fully working version up on a host that ran the PHP from Apache and
everyone can see it.  The site (and scripts) are now on a  server that runs
the PHP  as CGI.   It boggles the mind.  Has anyone EVER heard of such a
thing??  Are there security settings on the browser that won't let a CGI
script execute, even from Flash??  Already made him clear his cache.  Any


When I click link to go to the second index (using IE6, WinXP) at
http://www.overbrookfarm.myiglou.com/index2.html my browser hangs and I
never get the menus. However it all works fine in Mozilla 1.0 on the same
platform. (Beautifully done site by the way, but ignores AFAICS
accessibility, and folks with lower bandwidths. Have you thought about a
non-Flash version as well, to allow a choice? I am not anti-Flash, just



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