Arnaud CastéRan wrote:
> Do you think it is possible to export email addresses from Outook Express
> with PHP.
> I looking for a script using COM but i only found exemples for MSOutlook.
> What i want to do is an address book for each members of my site
> (  a directory of email addresses) : if they have
> Outlook Express, the site connect to Outlook and export addresses to add
> them in their address book

If you're looking to get information from users (that is, someone using 
your site through a browser), you're going to run into the client-server 
barrier. PHP doesn't have access to any information that isn't sent to 
it by the browser. You'd have to use Javascript, VBScript or some other 
client solution (many of which won't work with browers that have 
reasonable security (for good reason)).

On the server, PHP can communicate with Outlook (the instance of Outlook 
installed on the same machine as PHP) through COM, but that doesn't 
sound like what you're trying to do.

> Thanks for your help
> Arnaud Castéran

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