I guess I've understood your problem....

I have made a class named COutlook and can be found at www.phpclasses.org

It is not intended not to read e-mail adresses from address book of outlook
It reads Inbox and Outbox messages from MS-Outlook, I´ve never tested it
with Outlook Express.

By the way, I have also how to get via COM the contacts from outlook but
from Express no.

I have a strange feeling that Outlook Express uses Windows address book,
those WAB files and with no way, from your site people will be able to share
their WAB.

I think that the only way to do it is making some ActiveX with COM, to
directly get e-mails from users...but this will only work with Internet



"Arnaud CastéRan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escreveu na mensagem
> Do you think it is possible to export email addresses from Outook Express
> with PHP.
> I looking for a script using COM but i only found exemples for MSOutlook.
> What i want to do is an address book for each members of my site
> (www.universemail.net  a directory of email addresses) : if they have
> Outlook Express, the site connect to Outlook and export addresses to add
> them in their address book
> Thanks for your help
> Arnaud Castéran

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