you could use the command "file -bin your_filename" and capture the output using popen 
or exec.

i have found this to work well..

seee below....

 function mimetype($file)
  // execute command
  $fp = popen("file -bin $file","r");

  // determine mimetype to output
   // default mimetype if no mimetype exists
   // iterate through return value to determine mimetype
   while($string=fgets($fp, 1024))
    $mimetype .= $string;

  // return output
  return $mimetype;

Php List wrote:

> Hi,
> Is it possible to get a mime type of a file?
> I need to be able to attach files, but I won't always know the mime type of what is 
>being attached.
> I could look at the extension of the file for a general Idea, but I wouldn't know if 
>a .jpg file is an image/jpg or image/jpeg.(progressive) and there seems to be a 
>difference between the two.
> Thanks for any help.
> Chris

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