I like that ;-)

"Manuel Lemos" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello,
> On 09/30/2002 01:29 PM, Henry wrote:
> > How about somebody making a javascript email encoder so that if you use
> > javascript enabled mail client it will get decoded only once it arrives
> > the recipient. With a link for those people without javascript enabled
> > clients to view the message remotely on a
> > decode server if they wish.
> That won't work in many mail programs either because they do not support
> HTML mail or because they disable Javascript. Most Webmails even strip
> Javascript from the HTML.
> A more reliable alternative is to put a remote image in the HTML that is
>   generated dynamically by PHP script that serves a static image after
> it records the identity of the user that read the message.
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> Regards,
> Manuel Lemos

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