I've had a simple download script working where a user would click on a link and the 
program would send word or excel headers instead of HTML. The file would then be 
opened in the appropriate program and the user could save/edit it.

Now that we've loaded everything under SSL, it doesn't work.

Here are the headers I send:

    header("content-type: application/vnd.ms-excel; name='excel'");
    header("content-disposition: attachment; filename=" . $filename . ".xls");

Now, the pages in question are just regular HTML tables. If there is a export2=excel 
in the URL, then these two additional headers will be sent. The dialog to save/open 
the file pops up, but when you try to open/save the file, IE says it cannot be found. 
If I put in a echo before these two headers (or comment them out), the page is shown 
correctly as HTML, so the code is correct. 

Are there any special headers I have to send to enable this file download while under 
SSL, or is it something else I'm overlooking?

Thanks for any help.

---John Holmes...

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