Why don't you just do a hard backup of the files from the db. Find out the
location of the data folder where thd db saves its tables, perform a tar
cvzf data_folder and then pipe it directly to the user for download via

Havent tryed it that way, but should work. Another thing would be reoback
which is a perl script. You should be able to perform this backup via ftp
controled by a daily cron job.

Hope this helps,


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"Ken" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hi All!
> Anyone know how to code the MySQL command in PHP to make the database
> download to your local hard disk, without writing 100 lines of code?
> I tried the mysqldump without any luck, but I think there is an easy way
> do it, just not sure how to code it.
> Thanks in advance!

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