Hey, I just took a look at you site. It seems you are not utilizing session
variables. By having session variables, you can go back and forward with no
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> I have a shopping cart which starts with two categories. The links to
> each category both have a unique userID so that shopping information can
> be added to the cart. The problem I have is this:
> My user can add and remove as many of one category to his cart, but if
> he links back to the page with both categories listed he loses state
> (userID) so loses the items in his cart when adding part of the other
> category.
> Currently my back button is using this code and I need a quick fix if
> possible:
> <? echo "<A href='index_1.php?CA=$CatID&UID=$UID'><img
> src='../images/nuoli_left.gif' border='0' alt='Back'></a><br><br>";?>
> Where CatID is the category (currently only one or two) and the UID is
> the USerID made up of the time date and IP address.
> You can see what I mean by going here:
> http://www.violasystems.com/Cart/ and following the links.
> Click a device server for instance add one of them to the cart and then
> go back and try adding a starter kit. I want both to appear in the cart
> if possible.
> Any ideas?
> If not I'm off for a cry!
> Steve Jackson
> Web Developer
> Viola Systems Ltd.
> http://www.violasystems.com
> Mobile +358 50 343 5159

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