> On Tuesday 08 October 2002 23:34, R. Z. wrote:
> > I've just read on MSDN that ASP sessions only work if the client has
> > cookies enabled,
> >
> > Is that true for PHP as well.
> Yes.
> Note that some browsers actually differentiate between session cookies
> in memory) and 'permanent' cookies (stored on disk).

You don't _have_ to use cookies. Sessions will attempt to use them by
default, but you can configure it to not use cookies at all.

If you don't use cookies, though, it's up to you to pass the session ID to
each page, though all the links and all the forms. For the session to work,
the session ID must get passed everywhere so it knows what session file to
load. PHP will attempt to rewrite your URLs and forms for you if you compile
it with a certain flag and turn that option on.

More and better info in the manual, of course: http://www.php.net/sessions

---John Holmes...

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