If it is a command line executable just do:


$arg1 = 'do';
$arg2 = 'start';

`/usr/sbin/goforit $arg1 $arg2`;


Notice the backward ` they send it to the shell.

Have fun!!

Timothy Hitchens (HITCHO)

HITCHO has Spoken!

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From: Sharad Tiwari [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
Sent: Wednesday, 9 October 2002 1:07 PM
Subject: [PHP] Calling C functions

hi all,

I have just started working on PHP ... (just a couple of days back) I
had posted a question yesterday and could not get any rep from anyone

My problem is this ... I have to take inputs from a web-based interface
and pass them as parameters to a C function (or an executable program)
Could anyone of you kindly let me know how can I invoke such C library
functions or executables from php.

thanks for the help in advance.

Warm Regards,


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