Off the top of my head I would use:

$f = fopen("filename.csv","r");
$data = fread($f,filesize("filename.csv"));

$split = explode("\n",$data);
$counter = 0;

foreach($split AS $row)
        $myarray = explode(",",$row);
        $myarray[2] = md5($myarray[2]);
        $split[$counter] = implode(",",$myarray);

$save = implode("\n",$split);

$f = fopen("outfile.csv","w");

Don't quote me on that though since thats just off
the top of my head.

Adam Voigt

On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 08:39, Verdon Vaillancourt wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope this question isn't too basic...
> I have a flat file (CSV) that I want to import into a mySQL db via
> phpMyAdmin. The file has about 1200 rows and is in a format like:
> "value","value","password","value","value","etc"
> The passwords are in clear text. I need them to be encrypted in md5.
> Is there any advice out there as to how I could process this flat-file
> before I import into my db or after the fact?
> Thanks, verdon
> Ps. Please cc me if replying to list as I am on digest mode
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