Most of our local banks here in Australia offer merchant facilities.

Judging by your email address your from the UK but I cant see any reason why
it should be different. Why dont you find out who your boss his/her banking
with and contact them regarding a merchant service...?

Jarrad Kabral

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Subject: [PHP] CC Processing Merchants

Sorry for this slightly off topic question, but I beleive many of you will
have delt with this kind of thing before.

My client is asking for a Online Merchant that will allow him to validate
and charge credit cards. He orginally suggested Pay Pals but after I read
their docs I found that the Customers would have to sign up for a Pay Pals
account, which my client dislikes.

So can anyone recommend a good (maybe cheap) Merchant that can validate and
charge credit cards online? My client is searching for some reviews online,
but he asked if I could maybe get a list from progammers which have done it


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