We use an Authorize.net reseller, merchantexpress.com. While the sign 
up process can be a hassle, I'm pretty happy with Authorize.net. 
Since we use the ADC Direct method, we don't lose control at all. 
When the customer submits their credit card info, our PHP script uses 
Curl to securely request authorization from Authorize.net and then 
decides what page to show the customer based on the response it gets 
(i.e., card declined, card accepted, etc)


>A few months ago I setup a client with Authorize.net. I always hated
>using them as I lose control for a click but it worked out well. I save
>all the data before I send them off and then update their record when
>Authorize.net sends them back to the url that I gave them. It has
>worked well.

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