SELECT * FROM yourtable WHERE id = $_REQUEST['id']

And show the results...

All you have to do is make a page that receives the ID you typed in,
uses it in a query, and then shows the result of the query.

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> From: Miguel Brás [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 9:33 PM
> Subject: [PHP] PHP problem
> Hi there,
> I need some help here:
> 1 - I have a table created on a DB where I insert the data that I
> 2 - I have a submit page to submit the info I want to the DB
> 3 - I have a page that displays the info from the DB (choosed by id)
> 4 - I have a page where I have a text box field and a button.
> When i want to submit some info to database, I give the pretended id
> auto_incremment), for example 100001 and the rest of the info.
> The info is inserted and the id is 100001.
> Now, I want to see the info with the id 100001, so I use the page with
> text box filed and insert the ID 100001. When hit OK, i want to see
> info of id 100001 displayed on the (for example) info.php page, where
> ?id=100001.
> If i insert the id 100002 and if it exists, I want to see the info
> displayed on info.php page, where ?id=100002.
> Any soul can give me a possible code to use on the "search" form, in
> to see the info displayed on the info.php page??
> Thx
> Miguel

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