This is really puzzling me ... I've tried finding the answer in the manual
... but sofar without luck...

What I need to is simply to be able to make a go-back link that points to
the URL that contains the page that had the link that send the user to the
current page ... (did that make sense?)

Or to put it another way: I need to be able to have a link on page A,
point to page B, and then have page B know the exact URL of page A
(including all variables that's needed to build page A).

The thing is that simply using <a href="javascript:history.go(-1)">
doesn't work because the internal links adds the hash-mark (#) after the
URL, and then the browser needs to go one more step backwards for each
time the user clicks on an internal link ...

I could easily write a JS function to handle all of this, but my goal is
to not use any JS at all, and really, this is something that ought to be
easily doable in PHP ... only I can't figure out how ... does it have
something like Document Referrer ??? which could contain the URL of the
sender, which I'd then be able to plump into a variable, which could then
be used when generating the links to go back to the sender page...


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