Maybe keep a record in the session of the URLs the user has gone to.
Just don't store the URLs with a hash-mark in them. Store them as an
array and it'd be easy to make a "back" like by just using the next to
last or last element of the array...

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> Subject: [PHP] How to navigate backwards in PHP ???
> This is really puzzling me ... I've tried finding the answer in the
> ... but sofar without luck...
> What I need to is simply to be able to make a go-back link that points
> the URL that contains the page that had the link that send the user to
> current page ... (did that make sense?)
> Or to put it another way: I need to be able to have a link on page A,
> point to page B, and then have page B know the exact URL of page A
> (including all variables that's needed to build page A).
> The thing is that simply using <a href="javascript:history.go(-1)">
> doesn't work because the internal links adds the hash-mark (#) after
> URL, and then the browser needs to go one more step backwards for each
> time the user clicks on an internal link ...
> I could easily write a JS function to handle all of this, but my goal
> to not use any JS at all, and really, this is something that ought to
> easily doable in PHP ... only I can't figure out how ... does it have
> something like Document Referrer ??? which could contain the URL of
> sender, which I'd then be able to plump into a variable, which could
> be used when generating the links to go back to the sender page...
> Rene
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