Probably a question for the php dev team, but here it goes.  I want to
display an external page in an iframe and have the iframe auto sized to fit
the content without having scroll bars.  I've tried javascript to no avail.
So here's my idea:

1.  Instead of iframe: $string = file_get_contents("";);
to load page into string and then echo $string; use javascript to detect
onclick, get href of anchor, load page into string and echo again.  Works
O.K. unless there are relative paths in document.

2. What I want to do:  $string = file_get_contents("";);
and determine the height that this page ($string) would render in a browser.
Render iframe at determined height with src = "";.

Any way in php to determine at what height html content will render???  If
not, should there be?


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