I was wondering if anyone has tried or would know how to take my mp3
collection listing from SpyAMP (http://spyamp.sf.net) and incorporate it
into my site (which is on a different server and not on my home network)
and have guests be able to download songs assuming I have it running?

I want to change the HTML layout, the order the songs are listed
(alphabetical vs. random, etc.), and have them in categories instead of
being all in one long list.. I don't know if this is possible, but I
figure it wouldn't hurt to ask..

SpyAMP, for those unfamiliar with it, basically sets up a small mp3
server on your local machine and allows anyone who knows your IP address
(or visits the SA server page if you're listed) to download songs if
you've chosen to allow it.. I have no clue where to begin as I'm a php
newbie.. Any ideas, tutorials, code or function names to help me on my
way would be appreciated..


Take care.. peace..

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