I posted "User Upload" and with no advice I attempted to use the sources i
could find and came up with the following:

while (file_exists("$i.tab")) {
$i ++;
$destfile = $i;
$destfile .= "tab";
copy($userfile, "/uploads/" . $destfile);
$lines = file($destfile);
$content = implode("<br>", $lines);

It doesnt work (surprise, surprise), what im trying to do is upload the file
to my /uploads/ directory then read it and store it on the $content
variable, then the content variable inserts a row into db (allready done),
then I delete the file the while loop is to make sure I dont overwrite the
file and make an error in my database.

The errors PHP returns are:

Warning: Unable to open 'C:\\My Documents\\lyrics\\C_DTBS\\SLIME.TXT' for
reading: No such file or directory in /home/tabzilla/public_html/doadd.php
on line 89

Warning: ChDir: No such file or directory (errno 2) in
/home/tabzilla/public_html/doadd.php on line 90

Warning: file("tab") - No such file or directory in
/home/tabzilla/public_html/doadd.php on line 91

Warning: Bad arguments to implode() in /home/tabzilla/public_html/doadd.php
on line 92

Warning: unlink() failed (No such file or directory) in
/home/tabzilla/public_html/doadd.php on line 93


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