Morning all,

I am currently working on a project for my client that involves an
archive of Artist Singles and Album charts dating from the 1960's to the
current day. I would like to be able to put them into a database but I
am unsure of which database to use (I don't mind learning one if it
proves to be better) or how to layout the tables within the database.

For example I intend to have over 4,000 different charts covering well
over 6,000 artists and over 26,000 singles and album titles. Could mySQL
and PHP cope with this demand?

I thought about having a table for Artists, one for Singles and then one
for Albums and a junction table coupling all of them together but I
can't figure out how to do it.

Has anybody got any thoughts that could help me along the way?

Kind regards,
Randum Ian
DJ / Reviewer / Webmaster, DancePortal (UK) Limited - Global dance music media

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