> Indeed, another problem I have is that if a single is on an 
 > album, which track it is on the album.

Off hand, I'd say that if you need this information as well (ie. You
want to recreate the "songs on album" list in the correct order) then
you need to extend one of your tables to include this information.  I'd
be looking to include album order in the song id, album id lookup table
and then using that column for sorting.

 > I want to centre the site on the Charts that are generated weekly for
 > singles and albums so if I use that as my source for the 
 > lookup and then
 > have the data contained in separate fields that are linked to this
 > table. Will that be making things easier or harder?

There's no easy answer to that.  Much depends on what information you
want to be able to derive from the raw data.  If all you need is to be
able to drag out weekly charts then your database schema need not be all
that complex.  If you want to make it possible to cross reference
between singles and albums and let people, for example, find out which
album a single was on when they are looking at a singles chart then
you'll certainly need more information.  Ultimately, it's going to be a
trade-off between the information you want to be able to provide and the
complexity of the database to provide that capability.

CYA, Dave

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