I remember I got these kinds of "errors" when I wanted to connect to a 
slow server, the last message was always something like "port command 
successfull", and that was it. Try connection to localhost, if that works?

Stefan Wessman wrote:

>Can anyone tell me if the getimagesize() function is supposed to work with
>The PHP Manual states "URL support was added in PHP 4.0.5", but maby that is
>supposed to mean http-url's only?
>The following is an expample of how i would like to be able to use
>    $size =
>getimagesize("ftp://user:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/pictures/image.jpg";);
>    echo '<pre>';
>    print_r($size);
>    echo '</pre>';
>This code yields the following errors in my log:
>[12-Oct-2002 23:32:14] PHP Warning:  getimagesize(): php_hostconnect:
>connect failed in getimagesize.php on line 2
>[12-Oct-2002 23:32:14] PHP Warning:  getimagesize(...): failed to create
>stream: FTP server reports 227 Entering Passive Mode (194.236.xxx.xxx in
>getimagesize.php on line 2
>Is this a bug, or is it a missing feature, or maby a documentation issue?
>I've tried it on a few different ftp-servers, so i don't think that is the
>problem.. but who knows?
>Any thoghts would be appreciated.

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