> dear all,
> i ran my code below on ie and it works. but when i use netscape 4.76
> linux, i only get the
> message "submitted" even though i've checked some fields.

The code is running on the same box, right? Just accessing it with
different browsers?
> what do i need to add to make it work with netscape under linux?
> code follows:
> <?
> if ($_POST["submit"]) {
>     print "submitted<BR>";
>     for($i=0;$i<sizeof($foo);$i++) {
>         print "$foo[$i]<BR>";
>     }
> }
> else {
> ?>
> <form action=<? echo $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] ?> method=post>
>   <input type=checkbox name=foo[] value=one>One
>   <input type=checkbox name=foo[] value=two>Two
>   <input type=checkbox name=foo[] value=three>Three
>   <input type=submit value=submit name=submit>
> </form>

Try putting quotes (") around your types, names, and values in your
input elements. Netscape may not recognize foo[] as a proper name
without the quotes and send the data incorrectly.

---John Holmes...

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