> I have a few File input fields in a form so people can upload images.
> there's an error with the form, I want to re-populate the fields with
> values the user filled in. This works for all the fields except the
> fields. When I check the HTML output to the browser, I do see that the
> value
> parameter (value="filename.jpg") is set for the File field, however,
> viewing the form the field appears blank. Also, if you leave it blank
> click Submit, I get an error stating it was empty, so, clearly the
> field is blank and not showing the default value that has been set.
> Is this my browser (IE 5.5 on Mac) or does a File field not accept
> values??

I'm pretty sure this doesn't work for security reasons. Otherwise, you
could modify the value of the element with javascript when the form is
submitted and actually upload any file from the users computer. For
anything to be sent with a File field, the user has to click Browse and
select the file.

Maybe you could save the uploaded files somewhere in a temp folder and
make the File fields hidden elements instead of actual file elements.
The value of the hidden element would be the file you stored in temp. Be
sure you validate this. It'd be better yet to store the file names in
the session, let the user correct the other parts of the form, and then
process everything. 

Hope that's not too confusing...

---John Holmes...

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