At 09:25 AM 10/15/02 -0500, Chris Boget wrote:
>Let me preface this by saying that I know the benefits of using

It seems to me most of the benefits of XML actually go to the hardware
and network suppliers.  They get to sell you bigger storage for the
bloated data, faster processors for the mindless transformations and
bigger pipes to transfer all the extra markup in an XML file.

XML has its place in simplifying data exchange (if both parties can
find or agree on a common schema) and things like the PHP documentation
where there is a real need to present one source document several
different ways.

Why waste space in a database with XML.  The database already is one
of the most efficient ways to store the data.  So no XML for storage.

Unless you have more than one way you need to present the data on your
web pages you are wasting both your time, and processor time trying to
add XML into the mix.


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