>  > Do you realize more benifit for the back end
>  > processes when using XML that makes any additional time it takes
>  > to display a page to the user worth it?
> Just ask the user if they really want to wait longer for something they 
> can't even see, just so you can use the latest buzzword in describing 
> your site.
> I'm sure they'll say NO!

Hell, I would answer "No", too.

But I'm not considering XML just because it's the latest "buzzword".  I've
been part of the industry too long to be lulled by such things.  The reason
I'm considering XML is to allow things like "themes" and also to standardize
and optimize messages that would be sent to various services that I could
create and set up with a redesign.  It would also allow me to create external
companion software that could communicate with the website and allow some
of the daily work of the end user to take place offline.


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