am just courious to see what approach others would take given this senario.

I have a form which for the most part is basic to follow but I have one
field where people can enter any value up to 100k in  now what has to happen
is if they enter anything that equals 20k or lower is taken care of by one
script, if it is greater than 20k but less than or equal to 50k it is
handled by another script and if it is greater than 50k but equal to or
lower than 100k by another script and if it's greater than 100k another
script is run.

if any one has any suggestions on different approaches to this i'd like to
hear it as I am looking for something relitively easy to code and and easy
for some one else to come in and change things if required down the track.


"the only dumb question is the one that wasn't asked"

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