As per my earlier commments about seeing the privacy report this will 
answer all your questions regarding cookies.. also you can allways 
telnet to the host eg..

telnet {host} 80
get /{page.html} http/1.0
host: {}
{ctrl d}

You should then see the header information as well that should include 
your cookie informaiton if not you have even a bigger problem.

Timothy Hitchens (HiTCHO)

Chris Shiflett wrote:
> John,
> Can you see if this works:
> header("Set-Cookie: foo=bar");
> If not, then check the configuration for IE6. I seem to recall hearing 
> that cookies are disabled by default for sites that are not P3P 
> compliant? Or, perhaps that was for third-party cookies only. At any 
> rate, I seem to recall some significant change with IE6 in regards to 
> cookies, so maybe you're experiencing that. My example above will give 
> you the simplest test case for setting a cookie.
> Good luck, and happy hacking.
> Chris
> John Nichel wrote:
>> Hi guys and gals.  I'm having a problem with setting a cookie on IE 6. 
>> I'm running RedHat 7, Apache 1.3.26 and php 4.2.3.  The cookie sets 
>> fine in all other browsers (IE5, Netscape 4 and up, Opera, Mozilla, 
>> etc.) but on IE 6, not even my session cookie sets.  I've tried all of 
>> these....
>> setcookie ( "$name", "$cookie_data", $date, "/", "by-tor_v70", 0 );
>> setcookie ( "$name", "$cookie_data", $date, "/", "by-tor_v70" );
>> setcookie ( "$name", "$cookie_data", $date, "/" );
>> setcookie ( "$name", "$cookie_data", $date );
>> setcookie ( "$name", "$cookie_data" );
>> I've also replaced $date with time() and time()+3600.
>> $date is set to the standard set forth on Netscape's site.

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