> -- AOL.  Their outgoing IP isn't necessarily the same IP address
> throughout the session.  AOL assigns IP addresses as needed.

I have not seen it where AOL randomly shunts a new IP to a client,
but then again I don't get to many AOL users on the websites which use
these sessions, ofcourse of those who do, none have ever complained
about there session being lost.
> -- People behind web caching servers.  HTTP can be cached, HTTPS cannot.
> If you switch between HTTP and HTTPS, a person's IP address will change.

I can see where this would be true.
> -- Clients that have network connections that multiplex multiple pipes.
> If there are multiple IPs, then the connection may flipflop between the
> IPs in the session.

This is true, however most people with secondary connections are
(or should) be operated in a BGP fashion where two pipe's can route
the same IP subnet while maintaining two seperate routes to the

Adam Voigt

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