is go a variable that is passed via post? I guess yes but you get this
error without submitting yet.

There are three solutions:

1. Change your error reporting level to 55:  error_reporting(55). This
will stop warning your undefined variables.

2. Prefix the variable with an at-mark:  @$_POST['go']. This is a

3. Most elegant way: add one more check: if(isset($_POST['go']) and $_POST['go']
== 'add link').

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"Clint Tredway" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote... :

> I am building a form that posts to itself. 
> I have the following to detect the submit button being clicked:
> If($_POST["go"] == "add link")
> I am getting a warning that says 'go' is undefined. How do I define
> this?
> Thanks,
> Clint
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