I agree with Jaime.  The problems are out there, and documented.  The fact
that you haven't had complaints isn't really a good argument for.  AOL (and
many large ISP's) users' IP address can and will change from request to
request... grab an AOL account for a month and try it for yourself.  I did.


on 25/10/02 12:06 AM, Jaime Bozza ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

>> Really? Your IP randomly changes when your surfing between say
>> yahoo.com and msn.com does it? While it is true that you can
>> force an IP change while your connected, I have not yet seen a
> Mine doesn't because it's fixed.  But for the reasons I stated in my
> previous email, it may for someone else.  In fact, I've *watched* a
> session's IP address flipflop back and forth when downloading data from
> one of our websites.  There are products out there that multiplex dialup
> lines without using MPPP.  How do they do that?  They make multiple
> connections, each with their own IP Address, and then the unit load
> balances TCP/IP sessions across the connections.  (One TCP/IP session
> will go out connection #1, the next out of session #2, and so forth)
>> I have been using an extra IP check in our sessions on a website
>> which get's somewhere in the area of 500,000 unique hits a month
>> and we have not had a single complaint of people's session's being
>> dropped.
> Perhaps the clients you have don't use the devices (or are on AOL, or
> have webcache devices).  Perhaps the ones that have a problem just go
> away.  There could be many reasons why you haven't had a complaint.
> Personally I find it easier to go somewhere else than complain to a
> website that I'm having problems with.
> I'm just pointing out the issues, I'm not forcing anyone to listen. :)
> Jaime Bozza

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