> Really? Your IP randomly changes when your surfing between say
> yahoo.com and msn.com does it? While it is true that you can
> force an IP change while your connected, I have not yet seen a

Mine doesn't because it's fixed.  But for the reasons I stated in my
previous email, it may for someone else.  In fact, I've *watched* a
session's IP address flipflop back and forth when downloading data from
one of our websites.  There are products out there that multiplex dialup
lines without using MPPP.  How do they do that?  They make multiple
connections, each with their own IP Address, and then the unit load
balances TCP/IP sessions across the connections.  (One TCP/IP session
will go out connection #1, the next out of session #2, and so forth)

> I have been using an extra IP check in our sessions on a website
> which get's somewhere in the area of 500,000 unique hits a month
> and we have not had a single complaint of people's session's being
> dropped.

Perhaps the clients you have don't use the devices (or are on AOL, or
have webcache devices).  Perhaps the ones that have a problem just go
away.  There could be many reasons why you haven't had a complaint.
Personally I find it easier to go somewhere else than complain to a
website that I'm having problems with.

I'm just pointing out the issues, I'm not forcing anyone to listen. :)

Jaime Bozza

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