> I'm trying to register a session for a poll by first opening the
> session (session_start()), then registering it like this:
>     $_SESSION['voted'] = "yes";
> Problem is, when I check to see if the session is there:
>     if(isset($_SESSION['voted']))
> I have it load up a page containing the poll results:
>            <?php if(isset($_SESSION['voted'])) {
> include("poll_voted.php"); } ?>
> But it doesn't display it. It displays the default (which is the
> voting part). Any ideas why?


i have this sort of thing in my site .. what I suggest (and this works for
me no problems) is

if (isset($_SESSION['voted'])){
Header ("Location:poll_voted.php");
I prefer to do it that way than to use includes, also you will have to make
sure this is at the very top of the page before any html tags etc are set.


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