Just wondering...

"danny" <[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I want my visitor to use the navigation system of my website.
> (and don't want them to leave my website while reading the
> pdf documents).

Why do you have to turn your text/documents into pdf's in the first place?

> I Don't like my visitors to scroll down i rather like to use buttons
> <previous> and <next>

+ Do you think turning them into pdf's will eliminate scrolling?
+ What are screen sizes of your visitors?

If your stories are good and I'll be reading them inside the train while
standing and while holding my Zaurus in my left hand, I'd rather scroll than
"point" on links... Besides, if you design your (html) pages in such a way
that I don't have to scroll left and right, that'd better. But, with pdf's..
Also, pdf's takes more time to load...

- E


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