Hello @ Edwin,

of course you can but let me say something

if .. else is used when u
need to execute one thing in case that requirement in if is met and
second thing if it is not met...

in case of if...elsif : command behind elsif is executed when
requirement in if is not met....you can add as many elsif as you
want...also u can end whole thing with else which is executed in case
when no previous requirements are met...

hope I wrote it good....sorry im too tired to think about english
grammar and such things ;)))

Best regards,
 Martin                            mailto:corwin@;corwin.sk

Monday, October 28, 2002, 4:18:45 PM, you wrote:

E> Hello,

E> "Martin Hudec" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> or (from my point of view is this better)
>> if {$country!="finland") :
>>    display_shipping(calculate_nonfinland_cost($country));
>> elsif ($country=="finland" && $express=="no") :
>>    display_shipping(calculate_shipping_cost($weight));
>> elseif ($country=="finland" && $express=="yes") :
>>    display_shipping(calculate_express_cost($express));
>> endif;

E> How about something like this?

E> if ($country!="finland"){
E>    display_shipping(calculate_nonfinland_cost($country));
E> }else{  // if it's not "finland" it should be something else, no?
E>   if ($express=="no"){
E>     display_shipping(calculate_shipping_cost($weight));
E>   }else{ // if it's not "no" it should be "yes", no?
E>     display_shipping(calculate_express_cost($express));
E>   }
E> }

E> Just an idea...

E> - E

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