Daniele Baroncelli wrote:

Dear all,

I am just approaching to XML and I would need some explanation, which most
of you will probably consider very trivial.

I have read about the XLS Sablotron functions, which are able to apply XLS
stylesheets to an XML document.

My question is: if my aim is to apply to an XML document an XLS stylesheet
server-side (being able in this way to avoid browsers incompatibilies) with
PHP, which could it be my need to use SAX or DOM parsers?

Could XLS Sablotron be seen as an alternative to SAX or DOM, or does in some
ways rely on these technologies?

Really thanks to whom will be able to clarify me on this.


You'll need the SAX or DOM functions if you will be /generating/ your XML. The Sablotron extension (and other XSLT processors) take XML and XSLT and output whatever your XSLT tells it to. The XSLT processor depends on getting well-formed XML and XSLT and that's where the DOM functions come in.

Technically, you could use the DOM functions to build an XML document, use them to build an XSLT stylesheet and then send those two generated items through the XSLT processor to build HTML.

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