> You'll need the SAX or DOM functions if you will be /generating/ your
> XML.

I suppose, you mean, generating XML from another XML document, am I right?

> The Sablotron extension (and other XSLT processors) take XML and
> XSLT and output whatever your XSLT tells it to. The XSLT processor
> depends on getting well-formed XML and XSLT and that's where the DOM
> functions come in.
> Technically, you could use the DOM functions to build an XML document,
> use them to build an XSLT stylesheet and then send those two generated
> items through the XSLT processor to build HTML.

So, if I well understood, in case you simply want to manually write XML
documents and XSLT stylesheets, and then have the PHP (Sablotron in the
specific) to make the produce your HTML from it, you don't need SAX or DOM.
Is this correct, or am I missing something?

Does this mean that you only need SAX or DOM if you want to convert an XML
format to another XML format?

Really thanks


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