So are you saying there really is no array pointer?
Lets say I have an array with several different values like:
$myarray["a"] = "s";
$myarray[3] = "d";
$myarray["sdf"] = "y";
There is no way of saying give me the value in the array at position 2?
Since the size of the array is returned as 3, should there not be a way of
doing this?

Like I said, I seem to be blanking on arrays.

> Because you haven't put anything in array index 0.  The only array index
> that has anything is "test".  There is no difference between numeric and
> string indices.  You seem to be assuming that somehow the first element in
> an array can always be accessed as index 0 which is not the case and never
> has been.
> -Rasmus
> On Wed, 30 Oct 2002, PHP List wrote:
> > For some reason my brain is not operating within normal parameters this
> >
> > $myarray["test"] = "sd";
> > echo $myarray[0];
> >
> > Why will nothing echo? Do I somehow have to initialize indexing on the
array $myarray?
> > php says that $myarray is an array, but I can't access it with numeric
> >
> > I know if I do this:
> > $myarray = array("test"=>"sd");
> > that I can now echo $myarray[0] and get the value of sd returned.
> >
> >

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