Shaun wrote:


In asp there is a session timeout function that allows the session to
end after the session is INACTIVE for x seconds/minutes ! How do i do this
in php ?

documentation is not very clear about it, but I guess it needs to be set before session_start()
can be set also in php.ini using session.cache_expire directive

Is there a way to open a php page in internet expl. without having a
url/adress bar
or a back and forward button , if so how do i go to work?

this is javascript
new_win = open(' url ', 'new_win_name', window_features)
you need to set right window features, check out - client side javascript,
object window, method open

I asked this before, but say for instance - the user is busy on a secure
page , but without logging out he enters another url in the address bar.The
of my page , does it end or does the session carry to the next page ? If so
how can
i stop it ?

session are per domain, or if you set path using session_set_cookie_params(), even per path. If the
user comes back within time limit, the session is still active

thanks , shaun!

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