> In asp there is a session timeout function that allows the session to
> end after the session is INACTIVE for x seconds/minutes ! How do i do
> in php ?

You can set the lifetime of the session in php.ini.
session.gc_maxlifetime is the time after which, inactive sessions will
be deleted. session.gc_probability controls the percentage chance that
the garbage collection (session deletion) will be triggered with each
session_start(). You can also set some of the cookie parameters. All the
details are in the manual, give it a try.
> Is there a way to open a php page in internet expl. without having a
> url/adress bar
> or a back and forward button , if so how do i go to work?

No, use javascript. 

> I asked this before, but say for instance - the user is busy on a
> page , but without logging out he enters another url in the address
> bar.The
> session
> of my page , does it end or does the session carry to the next page ?
> so
> how can
> i stop it ?

The session cookie will remain on his computer. It's only good for your
site though. If they return, the session will still be active, unless
it's been they wait over X minutes and the session file on the server is
deleted by the garbage collection.

Remember how HTTP works. All your web server does is process requests.
You can't tell between requests if the user went somewhere else or not. 

---John Holmes...

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