Hi Rene,

You should consider the fact that, even as surnames, names like
Mackintosh and Mackenzie (and as someone else suggested here 'Macon')
generally should NOT have a capital letter. Mackintosh is an English
name, not Scottish, and people who spell it with a capital K have gotten
their ancestry mixed up somewhere!

Anyway, perhaps a way around this would be to have a known exceptions
list? You could just stick all your Mc/Mac code inside:
        if (in_array($lastname, $mcExceptions)) {

At the end of the day, it's really up to the person how they capitalise
their own name, but I guess mind reading is (currently) a bit beyond


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Hi y'all

A while back I requested help for properly capitalizing names out of
passed string values, as ucwords() and tokenizing didn't do the trick.

Some kind soul gave me this scripple to work with:

> $text = "What?No delimiters,shit happens here.this solves all 
> problems."; preg_match_all("/(\w+[,. ?])+/U", $text, $words); 
> foreach($words[0] as $part) $uwords[] = ucfirst($part); $text = 
> implode("", $uwords); echo $text;

Which didn't work at all (even changing the variables to match my own),
but only got me several errors for each line...

My task was to make it take a string like
"firstname_middlename_firstlastname-lastlastname" and properly
capitalize it. Also wanted it to do it correctly with names like
O'Connor, MacEnroe, McCarthy and such... The scribble above would be
able to do it with the O'Connors and name-name formats, but useless with
Mac/Mc names ... plus the above script part didn't work at all on my
system (PHP 4.2.3 on Apache 2.0.40 on WinXP Pro).

OK ... so I wanted a compact structure that could do this easily, and
correctly, on ANY name I threw at it...so I've spent a couple of hours
finding useful functions in PHP that would do the trickery easiest ...
and ended up with this:

$name = $HTTP_GET_VARS['name'];

// pull real name out of $name
$realname = "";
// okay, let's get the names cap'ed correctly...
$startat = 0; // these vars are used for substring pulling $stoplen = 0;
// parse 1, find funny chars and cap after them for ($i = 0; $i <
strlen($name); $i++) {
   $ltr = substr($name, $i, 1); // pull out letter i of name
   $stoplen = $i - $startat;  // set the stop point for substring
   // if current letter is a marker
   if ($ltr == "_" | $ltr == "-" | $ltr == "'") {  
      // add substring
      $realname .= ucfirst(substr($name, $startat, $stoplen));  
      $startat = $i + 1;  // set new start point for substring
   if ($ltr == "_") {  // if space, add space
      $realname .= " ";
   elseif ($ltr == "-") { // if dash, add dash
      $realname .= "-";
   elseif ($ltr == "'") {
      $realname .= "'";
// the last name won't be added in parse 1,
// this piece adds the last name AFTER checking and capping for Mac/Mc
// so this is essentially pass 2 $lastname = substr($name, $startat,
$stoplen + 1); // find Mac/Mc $maclen = 0; // we set this to zero to
make it easier to check for found if (strstr($lastname, "mc") != false)
{  // if Mc is found...
   $maclen = 2;
elseif (strstr($lastname, "mac") != false) {  // if Mac is found
   $maclen = 3;
if ($maclen > 0) {  // add the MacSomething with proper capitalization
   $realname .= ucfirst(substr($lastname, 0, $maclen));
   $realname .= ucfirst(substr($lastname, $maclen, strlen($lastname)));
} else { // if we can't find Mac/Mc, just add the last name...
   $realname .= ucfirst($lastname);
// end namegame

The curious thing is that this actually runs faster than the strtok() +
ucwords() combo I had before, plus it does the trick correctly,
everytime. If anyone can see a more efficient way of doing this, I'm all
for it.

Do note that I've intentionally made it so that the last word of all
names won't be added to the $realname, until it's determined whether or
not it starts with Mac/Mc. The point to this is simple: It's a lot more
complicated to scan for the Mac/Mc after the full name is assembled,
than it is while it's being built. My structure also ensure that if
someone's called something like Mackenzie for first name, it will not be
incorrectly cap'ed, as it only does the scotch-check on the last

If you can do this simpler, or have any comments for this way of doing
it, please let me know. You may freely copy and dsitribute this as you

Rene Brehmer
System developer in the making...

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