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On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 12:24:15 -0000, you wrote about "RE: Capitalizing
names etc. part II - found a solution" something that looked like this:

>You should consider the fact that, even as surnames, names like
>Mackintosh and Mackenzie (and as someone else suggested here 'Macon')
>generally should NOT have a capital letter. Mackintosh is an English
>name, not Scottish, and people who spell it with a capital K have gotten
>their ancestry mixed up somewhere!

I've been made aware of this by a few others in private mail. When writing
this scripple I was doing something I don't usually do: I was blindingly
stearing at getting it to handle the few names I have to deal with, and
not considering that it may have to handle other names sometime in the
future. Normally when I program things like this, I try to make it take
into account every exception to the rule (not error-exception) I can come
up with. Atleast my Excel macros are made that way ... 

>Anyway, perhaps a way around this would be to have a known exceptions
>list? You could just stick all your Mc/Mac code inside:
>       if (in_array($lastname, $mcExceptions)) {
>               ...
>       }

I considered that after the responses I got ... but it will be a kludge in
the end ... but a necessary one until I come up with a better solution.

>At the end of the day, it's really up to the person how they capitalise
>their own name, but I guess mind reading is (currently) a bit beyond

My own idea for the perfect solution to this, would be to have it take the
incoming contracted name, compare it to a list, and then find the real
name in the list that corresponds to that name.

My problem is, how'd you do that ??? I've got no access to MySQL, so I
can't use that. The incoming name string is the first part of the file
name that holds the biography for that person (if you take a peek at my
site at metalbunny.net/girlz/bios.php you'll know what I mean, haven't
uploaded the revised capper yet), so it will still need that string to
find the correct include for the body of the page.

I haven't even sniffed at the File I/O functions yet...

Rene Brehmer
System developer in the making...

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