If you delete the webmaster email key you might find that it makes up
some non-existent e-mail address based on your server name.

You could try adding an 'Errors-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]' header in the
e-mail which is supposed to tell the receiving server to send any errors
to a specific address. It's never used by anyone so chances are there
are servers out there that will ignore it, but it's worth a go. Then,
depending on what e-mail client you have, you could have a rule that did
some clever jiggery-pokery and removed the offending address from the
list without even bothering you.


On Monday 28 October 2002 01:24, Noah Spitzer-Williams wrote:
Hey guys,
My service sends out emails every few days to members who wish to 
have stats sent to them. The problem is once an email becomes 
inactive, I the webmaster gets a failure email sent to me. This is 
starting to add up and I can get upwards of 20 of these a day. It just 
seems likea  waste of space and bandwidth... is there anyway I can 
prevent this?
If i delete the webmaster email key in php.ini will my emails not 
have a reply address?

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