> I've never met an ISP that would refuse bulk
> mailing, as long as you can
> proove that you've got concent from the receivers
> for the messages. My
> mail server handles all the concent things itself,
> and sofar my ISPs have
> not complained about the up to 3 digit amounts of
> message that go out each
> day, with up to 4 digits coming in...

I have a site hosted on a shared server and if I try
to generate an email with more than 75 BCC addresses
it will not be sent. I was instructed to use the
listserve software that they provide to do mailings
like this. They don't disapprove high volume mailing,
but they do have a problem if you use BCC. I guess
that it's either harder on the server or because its
most likely spam. 

On my dedicated servers (another company) we can do
whatever we please, but I do think that a large number
of filters are tipped off by a high volume of BCC's


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