> > Who can tell me where I can get the cracked Zend Encoder 3.0 ?

>Are you a muppet?
>This list is run by the people who make Zend Encoder!

>Ah, my first laugh of the day.

Okay, that's enough. I'm incredibly disappointed in this list. It's very
helpful at times, but at other times can degenerate into immature
namecalling and fingerpointing like the above and other examples. So this
poster made a mistake. Cut him or her some slack. But I guess since none of
the fingerpointers here have ever made a mistake, then I guess you all have
the right to go ahead and make fun. This person made a post that he or she
shouldn't have made, and since then has been ridiculed on a public forum by
about four or five of us. If we all can look past this mistake and get back
to posting constructive comments, this poster can get back to feeling a
little sense of community here when needing legitimate help. So can we give
this poster a break, or should we continue and then respond to every
fingerpointer with the same lack of respect next time a mistake is made?

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