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"John Nichel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit dans le message de news:
> I for one think that poster didn't enough grief.  I mean, you go on and
> on about making a 'mistake', but it's not like his mistake was to ask a
> JavaScript or MySQL question in a php mailing list.  He asked for an
> illegal version of software from those who make / contribute to the
> software.  That's not a mistake, that's disrespect.  Regardless, I
> didn't post anything to him, nor will I say anything else about it.
> >>>Who can tell me where I can get the cracked Zend Encoder 3.0 ?
> >>
> >
> >>Are you a muppet?
> >>
> >>This list is run by the people who make Zend Encoder!
> >>
> >>FOOL
> >
> >
> >>Ah, my first laugh of the day.
> >
> >
> > Okay, that's enough. I'm incredibly disappointed in this list. It's very
> > helpful at times, but at other times can degenerate into immature
> > namecalling and fingerpointing like the above and other examples. So
> > poster made a mistake. Cut him or her some slack. But I guess since none
> > the fingerpointers here have ever made a mistake, then I guess you all
> > the right to go ahead and make fun. This person made a post that he or
> > shouldn't have made, and since then has been ridiculed on a public forum
> > about four or five of us. If we all can look past this mistake and get
> > to posting constructive comments, this poster can get back to feeling a
> > little sense of community here when needing legitimate help. So can we
> > this poster a break, or should we continue and then respond to every
> > fingerpointer with the same lack of respect next time a mistake is made?
> >

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